LOTTO WINNING or a better chance at Winning not only Australian Lotto but Lotto world wide is the whole reason for the Lotto Choice Picks Systems. In case you haven't read or seen any of our other articles, news stories, adverts, pages etc, we designed the Lotto Choice Picks System specifically for the Australian Gold Lotto which is Queensland's Lotto game.

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Australian Gold Lotto was originally part of the Lotto Bloc as with the other states in Australia. But in 1981 Queensland's Lotto game now know as Gold Lotto the game became a national lottery. Compared to other lotteries you have to collect your winnings in the state you purchased the ticket in, if needed go to the local Gold Lotto agent to get a mail in claim form. The Gold Lotto playing grid is known as a 6/45 game, in which your number choice is from 1 to 45 up to 6 numbers in a standard game. 

You may have also noticed by some of our articles, news features and the like, that even before the Gold Lotto started Australia as we know it today, back in 1981 we have been fascinated by the records and statistics. We now base our theories, formulas and strategies on more than 2750 draw results of these lotto games. This wide range of historical data allows you to make the best possible choice picks for not only Australia Gold Lotto but any draws be it a 6/45 or Powerball style game on the dates. 

In the Gold Lotto games, which are drawn under Government supervision every Wednesday and Saturday on top of the standard 6 balls you also get an extra chance at winning through the use of 2 supplementary numbers. Division 1 is first prize which is usually the hardest prize to get and going right through to Division 5 which is last prize again which is usually the easiest therefore the least amount of prize money. 

In the same or similar ways, as most other forms of Lotto, the Lotto numbers that are drawn use a barrel, cage or ball. The method is actually a TRUE random number generation method compared to that of computer or Psuedo random number generation. Though the numbers are drawn at random often we see the numbers make, what appear as patterns. 

Thankfully in that area I have been tested and found to be gifted at seeing these patterns. The results of which I am able to now share with you after many THOUSANDS OF HOURS and YEARS of grueling tests. Now you to can have the better chance Lotto system working for you in the various world wide Lotto games. 

In Lotto as with any game of chance the key to success is play the system that has the best probability or odds of winning. Lotto Underground Club members using the Lotto Choice Picks Systems, made the smart choice to increase the probability or odds of winning. That is by playing the probabilities with lotto numbers that are more likely to come out using various Lotto choice picks systems and win more often. 

Win Lotto more often using the detailed software, newsletters and various other formats, useful lotto hints and tips from the Lotto Choice Picks System, We have included tools such as these all designed to help you win more when playing Lotto across the world and especially Gold Lotto in Australia. That is instead of it playing you for a chump. All the lotto hints and tips are laid out in simple to understand english so you can put them to work for you as soon as you want. Often without the need for a hard to figure out wheeling system. 

Now onwards for a better chance at lotto winnings with some of the secrets you can usually only get as an exclusive Lotto Underground Club member using the Lotto Choice Picks System. The secrets to which have been specifically designed for the Gold Lotto games in Australia, but has been tested and works world wide. Some of the winning tips on number selection are from the the Lotto Choice Picks Guide, our new lotto book of strategies. 

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