Lotto Underground history

I know it's not easy being a 30 something person who wants a break for the family. Who's trying to find the easiest way to pick winning numbers for the lotto. Especially when you're tied up most of the time working as a manager. And, when you think about those get rich quick scammers with useless systems, it can seem hopeless, overwhelming and really risky trusting anyone. 

So we want to just take a minute and let you know everything is going to be fine. 

How can we say this? 

Because we know how you feel. Getting to find the easiest way to pick winning numbers for the Lotto wasn't easy for me either and we sure had challenges of our own... maybe just like you do now. 

You see when Tim and I first started out as a couple in this world, things went OK for a month or so. Then my neck was broken in a car accident and Tim being legally blind, trying to work from 9am to between 12 and somtimes 1am as an apprentice Chef and also trying to help me out. Now maybe you can imagine what that would be like, I'm not a hundred percent sure. 

I remember, when Lotto first came to Queensland. It wasn't long before we each started to look for the best way to pick the numbers to play, even though it would be at least 2 more years before either of us could play the game for ourselves. Having friends or relatives old enough to play asking for number suggestions when they played was enough to get each of us started. 

Incidentally though we were still about 3 years away from meeting, we had each begun on a journey, one that has now turned into a lifetime quest. Which we believe was possibly the path of which brought us together. that is now our system for picking, playing numbers. AND what's more, we recently discovered an excitingly interesting point to the system which was designed specifically for Australian Lotto. 

Tim and I have now been together as a married loving couple also as an effective and efficient team since 1989. Just like over the past 2 decades, when each of us needs something the other can provide, we have always been there for each other, we are going to be here for you, for with what we can help you.