Here's a story that will show you how naive & set in our ways we all can be at times. But don't worry we don't hold it against you, as Tim & I do it at times ourselves. 

Harry a very old friend of ours, in fact we have been friends since 1993. Haryy not only uses an Random Number Generator but I think he is actually trying to sell his PRNG software online. Harry already has a site set up to pick & play lotto site for Lotto players to play Australian Lotto games. 

The problem with Harry's system is it relies on an PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) & a Wheel system. We have told Harry his system is greatly flawed BUT you can imagine Harry knows best. Now being good friends we even gave him the tools to check out what the experts say about how flawed PRNGs & Wheels are. Back then it didn't change his mind, but a few months back he we saw a twinkling which gave us a sign it opened his mind. 

What exactly is an RNG aside from meaning Random Number Generator. A PRNG is basically an electronic bingo cage that was designed for a computer to calculate and produce a number of combinations of a specific amount of numbers within an entered range of numbers, in a seemingly random fashion. But being being random does not always mean it is completely random, and has a tendency to non random patterning. 

This fact has been scientifically proven by experts that are specialists in Maths, Computers & Science in gerneral. Go see the proof for yourself at I believe Mads Haar is an expert on the subject of TRNGs (True RNGs) & PRNGs and whats more he lets you use his TRNG. 

Why is it then that even though the effectiveness of PRNGs has been disproved time & again do about 84-90 percent of the Lotto membership sites out there use them. Forget for the moment, the fact some of them probably do it for a quick buck. Aside from this RNGs are quick and easy for the members to use once installed on the site. Plus the Government uses them to pick and print so players can do what is called a Quick Pick and or Astro Pick, if they don't want to fill & present a form to the agency, but still want to actively play. If you want another site that has an RNG to use for free has a PRNG. 

Except for those living outside Australia or a bit too remote to the nearest agent, I can't see why one would pay membership to site that announces it uses an PRNG to pick the numbers for them then pay to play. If you walk into an Australian Lotto agency and ask to play a quick pick it costs the same as playing its equivalent after you take the numbers to the agent yourself. 

Are you one of those people? Do you want to change?