THE Picking Secrets are in the Numbers

I can't remember by who or what movie it was but, it was once said ?There is no secret to picking numbers, you just pick one, then another & another till you've picked all the numbers you need?. 

Now, I know we both know better. It doesn't matter what you are picking your numbers are for, you will always pick them for a reason. There lies one of the biggest mysteries or secrets known to humans. 

You may or may not have noticed but there are a Whole range of sciences are based on the secrets of numbers and their effect on just about everything. Now remember, since neither Tim nor I are scientists of any sort or even experts on it. In fact just plain ordinary people, we'll just share with you what we have researched, found and learned in our search for good honest answers. That is to make winning and playing numbers games like the Lotteries, the Australian lotto and more, fun & exciting in a lazy way. 

Can you really trust the Governments around the world? Even if all the Governments did a massive turn around, and not only stated the lotteries are not rigged but also went to length each draw to publicly prove it, certain numbers would come out for a different reason. Namely being it was the one naturally in the path of the selector for not the current when it was grabbed. 

One thing could make us less skeptical about the security of the Lotto. That is the following. If the Lotto officials for the draw openly prove each ball is of the exact same size, weight, construction, viscosity and so on, immediately before placing it in the drawing machine and turning it on. Otherwise they cannot truly expect us to come close to believing them on many things. 

With that said, even if they did this, the numbers hold secrets we are yet to learn and a PRNG would probably still be the, most commonly used, least effective way of picking numbers. As you may have read due to how it works as opposed to the very secrets of the numbers in and nature itself. 

Think about this scientific fact for a moment. Every life cycle is determined on numbers in the form of time slots. We found out through our studies of traditional chinese medicine the Male cycle is 8 years and female cycle is 7. The scientific community have more recently backed up these and other ancient chinese facts. Now you may have noticed as you grew up your thoughts on a variety of things changed. 

Your likes, dislikes and tastes, your favorite colours and even your lucky numbers may have changed. And it all had to do with numbers, not random seeds of occurrence. BUT numbers. Numbers mean a lot more than what we like to believe as a people. That is why everyone, including you desire and therefore seek out systems to make choosing numbers easier for all sorts of applications. 

The fact that life itself is based on numbers is backed not only by modern science, but by Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even the modern Governments back us on this. Why else do you think they make it mandatory to learn mathematics at school, no matter where you are or what grade below senior high, you are in. 

When I was 6 years old I,like every other kid in school wondered why we had to learn math, after all we had all been taught to count, add, subtract & multiply. Only difference between me and the rest of the class, I loved the subject. Like Tim and many of his classmates, just about every kid I knew growing up hated math. By age 11, once again unlike the other kids, I realised we needed math a lot more than I could comprehend. Life itself actually relies on numbers & math, the why is still the biggest secret. 

So now I have dumbfounded you with my limited knowledge of numbers and some of the secrets of numbers, lets get to what you really want to hear about. Picking the Lotto numbers. 

I can honestly say I have lost count of how many different methods I have personally tried when playing the lotto. But some of them included using birthdays & favorite numbers, combinations of the numbers on the number plates of the various cars in the family, a novelty pen made for the task, a bingo games cage and balls. I even made an enlarged game panel so I could close my eyes & randomly stick push pins in. 

After marrying Tim he shared with me the tracking he had been doing for the numerous past years. We then stepped up our experiments & testing to find the best system for a better chance at winning when playing the Australian Lotto. 

People have turned to psychics & numerologists. Others use dart boards, I've even heard of people getting their pets to pick the numbers for them. Some use a combination of these as their system. 

You also have a range of systems that use RNGs & Wheels to select the numbers for you. And then there is our system, the system designed specifically for Australian Lotto. 

Whether you play to win or just for the fun of it, I believe we all need to enjoy at least one part of the game every time. So no wonder we all look for a better chance at winning and the easiest and best way to pick the numbers to play. 

But since most of us actually hope to win something each time we play. AND I know there are many of us out there who have not got endless amounts of time or money to waste picking maybe the wrong numbers. So may I suggest you act now secure your spot as a Lotto Underground Club member using the Lotto Choice Picks Systems area for your lotto system. 

Why should you apply to be an exclusive Lotto Underground Club member for a better chance at lotto winnings using the Lotto Choice Picks Systems? 

Aside from the limited number of memberships available and all that regular scarcity hoopla those big time marketers bombard you with, that we know very little about. Because, it means in some formulas, systems or strategic plans we've done most of the work for you. 

So you simply need to do a few comparisons or calculations, then fill out your coupon and put your enrty in at the agent. But that's not all, before we developed this system we were lucky to get any numbers regularly. Now when our specifically designed for Australian Lotto system is used, we regularly get winning Lotto numbers. 

I believe you can do this. Try to imagine this. You made a smart choice to be part of a Better Chance Lotto System. You are playing the numbers our systems gives you, in the simple to follow ways we show you that are advised for that draw. You have not only multiple wins but also regular wins & occasionally a freak out when 6 or more come out.