In this story we are going to share with you how our friend Patton is set in his ways. As we all can be at times, I'm pretty sure you know the feeling. 

Patton is another friend who we have known since 1996. On top of being an almost all round good mate, is almost a continual form of entertainment. You may recall Patton is mentioned in some of our stories as the friend with the secondary Lotto hobby. Often he is usually most interested in the Lotto around the Lotto Super draw or Lotto Mega draw times. 

You see Pattons First and most loved hobby is collecting money, by whatever means. From what we have seen these are all legal methods but sometimes we feel they tend towards the grey area or side. 

Every time Patton visits or calls we pretty well expect a lotto theory or a large up coming Lotto to come up in the conversation. Not that it always happens, but it pretty near does. Patton is notorious for getting all excited about this theory or that. When they fail the continuity tests as they are not good enough to overcome the Random Seed factor at any level he finds all kinds of excuses why. 

Patton has become so attached to some of them, he repeatedly tries to get them to work years later, using them as part or worse, as the basis of his mostly flawed system. Regardless, even if they are still failing even our basic tests. And yet he marvels at how well our stuff works and the consistancy to which our systems run true. 

At one point a few years back, Patton came over, ever so proudly carrying the pile of paper scraps & sheets that make up his lotto file. Beaming with the pride of a small child with their first painting to put on the fridge, Patton presented us a sheet of paper with a Roulette wheel on it. He then stated he could help us modify it so he could show us how to use the system he had found. 

An hour or so later we had our very own copy of the modified wheel, missing number and all. It took us a while to figure out some numbers were missing. Even a complete wheel has failed viability tests for use as a base to lotto systems. After all a system that consistently generates 20 to 30 RANDOM numbers is bad enough and not a viable base. But when it only occasionally picked 2 or so of the numbers drawn you drop it. 

Not Patton, every now & then he plays using it in conjuction with his other still failing systems. Later he again comments on how weird the draw numbers were cause none of his came out. It really cracks us up. But then he does have some strange and funny beliefs on all sorts of things. These include those that experts of the sciences have disproved within the field of science itself. 

Actually the modified Roulette wheel I spoke of earlier is a pretty neat looking thing, even if it is one of the types of wheel systems. Which means just like the other wheels unless you have a good set of numbers from a reliable formula to begin with they are basically useless. 

Like PRNGs, Wheel systems work best when you can enter specific numbers. That is rather than a random range to give you the combinations to play. Even then you can come up with no wins game after game, unless you can afford to play every combination possible for those numbers & do so. Trust us we have done this many times and a number of those had we played all options and games properly. Otherwise we would have gotten a top prize or at least winnings. 

As a result we ourselves have lost several Millions of dollars due to forgetting or not following our own best Lotto tips or play advice to a tee. So here is what we recommend to reduce or even avoid the risk of this problem happening to you even when using our system. Get together a Syndicate of friends, family, workmates... etc, for a big enough pool to start with. Then save some of each of your share of the winnings till you can afford to play on your own. Or become the holder of multiple shares in your syndicate if you so desire. 

Just remember you got to be in it to win it & to play responsibly.