Won a LOTTO prize What Now?

Whether it be from the Oz, Wednesday or Saturday lotto. Be it Division 1 or 7, big or small, someone is collecting the lottery winnings, if it is you, what will you do with them? 

I know you've heard people say if it's not Division 1 or first prize it's not winning. Ignore them, they are probably complete idiots anyway. But I can prove they don't know a win from a lose in a number of ways. 

Even the lowest pay division is a win because you win a prize. YES you get Lotto winnings, or a prize. Plus if you look at the top of your coupon after getting your winnings you will see WINNER printed at the top. The machine only prints this when the coupon is run through after the draw and it has a division win of any sort on it. Then there's the term divisional prize pool referring to the prize pool being allocated to the various divisional lottery winnings. 

And finally any game or sport that give more than just a prize for 1st place has several winners. An Olympian does not win gold, get silver & bronze. No they win the gold, they win the silver & they win the bronze by taking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. The prize is the lottery winnings. 

Lotto or lottery winnings can add up. There has been many a time we have been able to get that little something extra. You can even get something big for Christmas just by putting those small Lotto winnings in a can and saving them up. A few years ago we did a test and had division 4 and 5 wins add up to about $1300. As a result we were able to get a few bills sorted and get some nice Christmas gifts. 

So now that we are all on the same page, that lottery winnings means getting a prize, do you have any real idea on what you would do with your winnings? 

Are you highly organised about your finances, a spend thrift or does money instantly burn a hole in your pocket? Do you want to be able to do great things with your lotto winnings or spend them on whatever tickles your fancy as you walk by? Maybe you just want to re invest them into more lotto games so the charities they benefit get more money. 

To do great things with small wins you don't need to be a spend thrift, you just have to be organised about what you are going to save & what to reinvest of your winnings. You will get there quicker than you think, especially if you stick to your plan. And we like you and would like to work with you. 

Those who are charitable and use all your winnings to help a worthy cause or charity are also the type of people we like to work with. Why? Because just like you we love to have fun, obtain some financial freedom to do what we really want to do & help those that need it, which often leads to saving something or someone without being ripped off at the same time. 

Now if we were one of those money grubbing, self centered, crop up at all sorts of times scam artists would we have gone to all the trouble we have to tell you not only the stuff we have in this article but in our other articles some of which you are still to see. And offered up the type of information resources to back our claims that we have? No we would have swooped in spun a whole heap of promises to potential great riches in no time, or at least just slammed the other systems to heck and told you to get mine. 

Talking about being ripped off by money grubbing scammers. We ourselves have been ripped off by some real crafty SOBs. One guy managed to rip us off & then tried to trick us into joining what was found, by the Australian Government, to be one of those big lotto scams, around. He ended up scamming us out of $16,000 initially then $551,250.00 since 2001 in unpaid earnings and interest. 

Thankfully we had a few things that protected us from that trick. We had been studying the lotto and working on development of our system for quite a while, at the time. Due to running a business & not wanting to break any rules or legislations we regularly read the updates & media releases issued by the Australian government and Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. And he may have fooled us in one line, but we were not dumb enough to fall for that or any of his other scams. 

At this stage we aren't even asking anything of you about money. We are only asking for you to think on how you would spend your lottery winnings, so when you hit the big one and get Lotto winnings with the right Lottery Number /s you don't lose all your winnings.