Lotto Choice Even lotto winning tips

Even Lotto Numbers 

Anyone should know this, but we are not going to hold it against you if you forgot. Even numbers when divided by 2 give only other whole numbers. Even Lotto numbers just like in the rest of life are the opposite of odd Lotto numbers. Example: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 

Now with the various Lotteries you usually have BOTH ODD and EVEN Lotto numbers spread pretty evenly throughout the game and the draw. Therefore you should try to spread your Lotto number choices as close as possible to this pattern. 

You will sometimes notice a trend or Bias towards one or the other (odds or evens). From this trend you can determine a potential for change so you can profit from the change. 

As a member of the Lotto Underground using the Lotto choice Picks system you can track your favourite games Odds Evens Lotto number trend, using the Odds Evens Lotto number tracker in the software or tools. 

In our latest testing we found in the example below the following Saturday Flipped to the opposite side, and went ODD. Also we noticed the Lotto draws more often flip from even. 

Example: from Saturday Gold Lotto 15-11-2008 
28,22,14,34,40,39-18,33 (RARE)