Lotto SPIES division

You may remember from our previous story about Lotto SPIES and the fact you cannot have a good underground without good SPIES. Let alone a chance at winning the lottery. 

Well today we share with you some info on the types of Lotto SPIES we have been using lately. We will not be going right in depth, because it would take too long for this story. But far enough for you to grasp what we are getting at. 

So now over to the Lotto SPIES division of the Lotto Choice Picks System strategies. 

OK before we go too far just a quick reminder about the SPIES. 

The secret Lotto SPIES we speak of are Specific Predictive Integer Elimination Systems. 

You will notice in the images on this page the lotto spies used to pick our superdraw winners 2010 02 13. As you can see we only put in a system 10 instead of system 14. After the Lotto hot zone or good stuff was analyzed we felt strongly on these numbers entered. 

We found Lotto SPIES actually were actually able to eliminate a quite a bit of hassle that usually comes with having to try to figure out which numbers to eliminate. Hey you have to admit. Would you be nervous trying to pick which numbers to eliminate, knowing of the chance of losing it all. 

Anyway back to Lotto SPIES to help with reducing useless Lotto numbers. We have used Lotto SPIES in this draw those that have been tested over and over, and some still in testing. In fact this is how we found new Lotto SPIES in our Saturday Lotto games. 

You will also notice that Lotto SPIES did it again almost like Britney Spears. Lotto SPIES helped with removing 24 losing Loto numbers from 45. Another one of those COOL or What times.

NOW come on answer us honestly, because we have been honest and up front with you all the way. Hey this was not even one of our winning coupons, unlike those other so called experts who only seem to show you winners. Do YOU think you could pick say a system 10 to 15, out of the 10 to 25 numbers or so left. Using the Lotto Choice Picks System find the rest to get at least 6 numbers right or even 5 and a sup or 2 as in our testing and past lotto entries? 

Smart members of the Lotto Underground Club use the lottery Winning System, secret Lotto SPIES in the Lotto Choice Picks System. You to could see what we mean, including insight into a whole lot more stuff that is Lotto and lottery winning related. 

What have you got to lose maybe millions of dollars, but you won't miss it if you never had it. Right?