LU history part two

Remember, we said we recently discovered an excitingly interesting point to the system which was designed specifically for Australian Lotto. Well that is coming soon. No we're not keeping it a secret, because we feel like it, but so the most amount of people can bennefit from it we are trying to perfect it. AND also we first want you to get to know us a bit better and know more about us and our life as a couple. 


In our Lotto Choice Picks systems We did not always have 47+ Formula to work to obtain our most likely number selection. In fact we started with 5. Then we put them in a box & looked outside. We know that sounds strange, but you can't confirm or deny something without checking & testing it out. We have actually done testing for, many of our friends who have all sorts of ideas on picking or predicting numbers. We've spent many more hours explaining to them about the specific testing for playing Australian Lotto games. 

Now unless you have a flawless psychic connection you cannot predict the numbers with perfection. I bet even Chris Angel would fail at it if he had to do it every draw, every week for the next draw coming. Mind you it is kinda neat even at a once in a while situation... 

We have had all sorts of wide eyed theories and ideas passed to us to be tested by all sorts of people having seen them, most tended to relate to the infamous most commonly drawn theory. Some have even thought they have seen combination patterns, but when replication of many of these was attempted, even by them, it failed. 

I found one theory in particular quite amusing, it was brought to us by a neighbor back in the late 1990's. Now humor me just for a minute and remember the fact he was a real estate agent. When seriously tested it like many of the others tested and failed at pretty well every level except of course the just for fun level. 

This idea involved the drawn numbers making shapes on the game panel. Arrows of one sort or other for the normal draws. A house or part of a house on Jackpot draws. The Where to start marking test was really all that was needed to disprove the viability as a theory. Not being mean, but it was entertaining getting them to try to figure the answer to that out. 

But hay, even we have come up with a few odd sounding ideas. At one stage we unsuccessfully I might add, tested what we called the Lunar cycle, or moon circle. We would grab a pencil, draw a circle on a lotto coupon. Now depending at which point of the Luna cycle we were in determined the numbers we looked at first. You know left side waxing, right waining and so on. If the moon was full the numbers would fall on or mainly inside, if it was a new moon the numbers fell outside. 

Where were we? Just kidding, I know we were sharing some of the more out there things we have tested for picking numbers to play Australian Lotto. So with all these things to check out & more coming in Tim & I decided it was time I learned to work all the formulas. 

As you can see we were combining a lot of abilities, gifts & even hobbies to improve our chances in our hobby of playing the Lotteries specially, Australian Gold Lotto. So much so that I had to learn to do many of the calculations and how to work the formulas for the systems to save Tim from going more agonising migraines and possibly losing his sight altogether. We now both work the numbers & check each others workings, the draw results etc. 

All the while we continue monitoring, finding or getting new theory and testing, just in case there is a pattern shift or change. This is so our system remains as viable as possible with the chance of improving. We even have a friend whose secondary lotto hobby is finding new possibilities, mostly patterns, and giving them to us, which we promptly start testing.