Lotto 649

Why Lotto 649 is the most famous lottery game in Canada! 

Western Canada Lottery Corporation operates Canadian Lotto 649. It was initially played in 1982. From then, more than 290 lucky jackpot winners of Canadian Lotto 649 have emerged, who became winners of $1 million or more. These lucky winners were from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Territories. 

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Lotto 649
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Purchasing Tickets 

Some fabulous, jackpot prizes have been available, which broke records after being won in Canadian Lotto 649. For instance, the hugest prize in Canadian Lottery history was a Lotto 649 jackpot also. 

The drawing happened on 13 April 2013; this was for an entire $63.4 million. Four winning tickets were available. From these four, three were bought in British Columbia and the other one was bought in Alberta.

Lotto 649 Number Generator
Lotto 649 Number Generator

Play Canada Lotto today! 

In case you have not played Canada Lotto, you really should! Where jackpot prizes are concerned as well as the region’s luckiest wins, Alberta has truly done well, despite just having a population of 120. 

In 2005, one Peers player had the luck of being an $8.2 million winner. Another player won the lottery and shared the massive $22 million jackpot with an NWT winner in 2007 in October. 

In 1982, following the introduction of the Lotto 649 game, the draw was only held once each week on Saturday night. But, in 1985 September, the game rose to two times a week after the inclusion of a drawing on Wednesday night. 

Is it possible for you to Win Canada Lotto? 

The approximate winning odds you have for the jackpot prize for Canada Lotto 649 are 1 in 14 million. Tickets for night draws on Saturday or Wednesday can be bought until 7pm MT (8 pm CT) on the drawing date. 

$5 is the least prize a player is able to win with Lotto 649. A winner emerges when they are able to match two of the key digits as well as the Bonus digit on a single line. 

So as to become winner of Lotto 649 top prize, you shall require matching each of the six main digits. But, in case you are just one digit away from becoming a jackpot prize, remember to check the bonus digit. 

The bonus digit is not present on your lottery ticket. Rather, this is an extra digit that is drawn together with the six key digits. This offers you an additional opportunity to win. For example, wonderful prizes are awarded when five numbers are matched, from the main 6 as well as the bonus number. 

Therefore, in case you were unable to match each of the six winning digits, do not lose hope! The bonus digit may simply be your lucky digit! Tickets for Canadian Lotto 649 elapse 12 months from the drawing date. All money and other gratuity prizes that Canadian residents won in the Lotto 649 game are exempt from tax. 

A signature should be on your winning ticket; it can either legibly written or printed so that you can claim your winnings. If you are unable to visit your retail ticket outlet in the locality to purchase tickets, you need not worry. This is because you are now able to buy them online. 

According to Western Canada Lottery Corporation rules, you might prefer not to be identified if you become a winner of Lotto 649. Actually, you should concede to being photographed and a publication made of your name and the town or city you come from. 

Attractive Perks of Playing Lotto 649 

Where lottery winnings are concerned, Canadians are lucky! Winnings from a lottery in Canada such as Lotto 649 or Lotto Max are regarded as windfalls. 

Each winning from sweepstakes or lottery financed by a charitable corporation are mainly exempt from tax. Everything is included in the windfall category and is excluded from tax. 

It is not a requirement from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for you to submit tax payment on the winnings. But, similar to other kinds of revenue you shall be eligible to tax on any cash your winnings produces. If you just deposit your fortune in the bank, the interest your cash generates will be taxed. 


If you make a major win from a casino in Canada, your winnings shall be given similar treatment as other lotteries and normally remain free from tax. 

But, in the last few years, CRA has started to analyze its rules for expert gamblers, categorizing ‘winnings’ as business revenue and can therefore be taxed similar to any other revenue from business. Also, this signifies that expert gamblers are able to claim business costs. 

For instance, if you are believed to be an expert poker player who is self-employed, using this concept, you could subtract all your travel costs, tournament expenses, etc., from any winnings. In case you do not make enough wins to cater for costs, you can claim a business loss. 

Contests from the workplace 

Winnings from your workplace are not free from tax at all times. Rewards of cash or near-cash awards like gift cards are nearly always thought of as taxable employment benefits. This signifies the award shall be regarded always as a section of your revenue. 

Your employer is going to subtract Canada Pension Plan, income tax and in some scenarios, even Employment Insurance premiums on this kind of award. Your T4 shall have the sum of taxable benefit itemized in box 40. 

Playing in Syndicates 

When you join a syndicate and play Lotto, this enhances your winning odds as you have extra National Lottery Tickets acting for you in the draw. The syndicates are created already, the tickets purchased and the prizes shared. 

This signifies that you just require buying the number of shares you want then relax and wait for announcement of the outcome. 

Advantages of online playing 

Playing online is convenient as queuing is not necessary at your nearby retailer. Safety is assured as verification is carried out in your player account. 

It is not possible for you to misplace or damage them. In case you win one prize or more, you will get an email notification and the details will be presented for checking in your player account. 


Purchase Canadian Lotto 649 tickets today. It is not necessary for you to relocate to the small village of Peers in Alberta, to become a jackpot winner, even though it seems like people who reside there have winning streak, in regard to winning tickets!