LottoHoy Review: the ultimate lottery platform

LottoHoy Review
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LottoHoy offers a wide range of games with 14 of the largest lotteries in the world so that the players can choose their favourites games to play. 

The website is well designed, allowing a clear and easy navigation to access any lottery in a simple way. In the main page you will be able to see the biggest jackpots available and the dates of the next draws. 

Advantages of playing online at LottoHoy 

Each player, regardless of the country where he resides, can participate in his favourite lottery. You only need to have an internet connection, and you will be able to play through any device: mobile, tablet or desktop. 

It does not charge any commission on prizes: Unlike other lottery platforms that operate in the sector, does not charge any commission from the winnings and prizes of its clients. This is a great advantage, especially in the case of the player who wins and important prize or even the jackpot. 

The is not a minimum purchase: Other platforms "force" you to buy 3 or 5 columns at least for each lottery. In LottoHoy you can decide how many tickets you want to play. 

The low ticket cost: It offers the lowest ticket price of all the platforms in the sector. 

Languages: You have information available in English, Spanish and Russian. And more languages will be added soon. 

Variety of payment methods: Whether you want to make a purchase or a deposit into you user balance, LottoHoy provides you with various payment options. Among others you can pay with: Bitcoin and other 50 cryptocurrencies, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Piastrix, entercash, ecoPayz, paysafecard, entropay, and many more... 

Detailed information: Results of previous draws of all lotteries, outstanding news of each lottery, and a FAQ's to solve the most frequent doubts. 

Customer service: They offer a support service 24/7 through eMail and chat. 

Lotteries available at 

At the moment the following lotteries are available: 

United States: PowerBall and MegaMillions. 

Europe: EuroMillions and Eurojackpot. 

Italy: SuperEnalotto 

Spain: La Primitiva, Bono Loto and Gordo de la Primitiva. 

United Kingdom: UK Lottery. 

Poland: Polish Lotto. 

Australia: Powerball AU, Oz Lotto, Mon / Wed Lotto and Saturday Lotto. 

● To which will be added others to make the offer much more attractive. 

Protection and security 

Every lottery player wants to have confidence that their purchases or deposits are safe, as well as their personal data. fulfills these premises, as its online platform guarantees customer operations. All transactions are governed by security protocols with 256-bit A + SSL Certificates to protect the exchange of electronic information.In addition, it is regulated by its gaming license.

Is IceLotto Lottery Website Genuine?

Is the IceLotto lottery website legit or a scam? This question is a prevalent one among lottery players who are dealing with the site for the first time. Getting answers to these questions and other similar ones is crucial before commencing playing or submitting your private information for registration.

It is the reason you need a detailed IceLotto review such as this. 

Icelotto website

Information on IceLotto Website

The IceLotto website provides more than twelve of the most famous online lotto games in the world. According to IceLotto, it only provides lotteries that have the maximum pots and maximum odds of winning. Here, you can find each of the required data also like draw results, rules, draw dates and grand prize sizes.

Services provided by IceLotto are present 24/7 every day of the week. The information about the games is analyzed and regularly updated. Winners get an instant notification.

It goes without saying that before giving out private or bank account information, any online player wishes to be sure about whether the background of IceLotto is legit. Players also need to ensure that no complaints are present regarding IceLotto or scam mailing, as well as other connected malpractices.

So, is the IceLotto lottery site reliable? Research and positive feedbacks from clients indicate that no complaints and false notifications have been detected. The legit online status of IceLotto is supported by Norton Safe Web and Google Safe Browsing.

The IceLotto website was launched by a firm based in Britain, and you can get in touch by phone, online chat or Skype. If the chat operator is offline, you can submit a particular form to communicate.

How IceLotto Works

It is relatively simple for you to play at IceLotto website. To begin playing, just take the steps below:

1. Select your preferred lotto from the list provided, for instance, Powerball.
2. Fill in your private information and choose your lottery figures.
3. Indicate the payment option; after this, you can purchase Powerball tickets online.

A back-call feature is provided by IceLotto so that in case you experience any issues, you can submit a request. The support service will then get in touch with you. The selected lottery figures shall be present at ‘My Account’ page below the tab for ‘My products.’

The time for buying tickets at is limited. It is because it takes a particular period for the Lotto agents to purchase the tickets from the traders. You will obtain a copy of the ticket through an email sent by the agents. The copy will be present in your account.

IceLotto Syndicates

The website for IceLotto provides you with the option for syndicate game-play. When choosing your lottery figures, you can select the option for ‘Ticket’ or ‘Syndicate.’ 

If you want to join the lotto pool to play, you can purchase even 150 tickets. You can also make use of the feature for ‘Multi-Draw’ to purchase tickets for even 52 draws beforehand. It is present in the syndicate and single-player mode also.

Results of the draw

If you want to know the winning digits for each of the provided lotteries, press the button for ‘Results.’ If you only require one particular lottery, then aim for the button’s mouse cursor and select the lotto game provided by the pop-down menu.

Claiming Prizes at IceLotto

Can IceLotto be trusted with payments? IceLotto will credit secondary prizes to the account of the winner following the deduction of the relevant local taxes and bank fees.

When you win a significant prize, the site’s agent shall contact you directly to talk about the pertinent details. Agents from IceLotto shall examine the lottery tickets bought. They confirm that their players do not need to be concerned about this.

Special bonuses and offers presents a special program for VIP for regular players. To participate in this program, you first need to finalize the sign-up then begin purchasing tickets. A personal manager shall be assigned for each VIP player who shall also be given a special package for lottery tickets, raising the winning chances.

The information for VIP-points shall be accessible in your private account. For each € you spend, you shall get a credit of 1 VIP-point. Depending on your VIP score, you shall get 1 grade out of the 4 possible:

1. Bronze – 3% discount (400 to 899 points)
2. Silver level – 5% discount and 3% repayment (900 to 1999 points)
3. Golden level – 10% discount and 5% repayment (2000 to 3999 points)
4. Platinum level -12% discount and 10% repayment and 12% discount (score of 4000+)

When each player completes the registration, they obtain one lottery coupon without charge. It supports its positive image.

The objective of the IceLotto review is to assist online lottery enthusiasts in deciding whether IceLotto is genuine and what supports its legit standing. You also find out why IceLotto can be trusted as a lottery ticket agent. 

The IceLotto website registration procedure is simple. Each player obtains one lotto coupon for free following registration and has access to the multi-lingual interface. It also has the VIP loyalty program for players who use this site regularly. 

Players get a credit of 1 VIP for each € they spend. As their score increases so does their VIP status. In addition, they obtain higher discounts and repayments. Players can join a lottery syndicate here also and buy a maximum of 150 tickets for one draw or purchase tickets for even 52 draws beforehand by using the feature of ‘multi-draw.’

When you ask the support team for IceLotto a question, you obtain an answer instantly. Therefore, you get rapid responses from the site. In overall, the impressions given from clients feedbacks indicate that IceLotto is a reliable service.

Also, IceLotto is very famous in Russian-speaking states due to its loyalty program, multilingual interface and a free ticket provided for registration.


IceLotto’s website is intuitive and clean. You can locate anything you want immediately. At the website’s top is an iOS and Android app. These two apps are designed well, and you can use them efficiently. Wherever you are, you can remain updated with the newest occurrences in international jackpots.

5 Bizarre Times Lottery Winners Found Out They Won the Lotto

1 – $1 Million Winning Ticket Found in Backpack

Rose Ibarra of Avalon, Texas was with her husband in Virginia while he was working on a construction project. Her husband was recently given a Hot Million scratch-off ticket by a friend. Upon scratching off the top layer of the ticket, Rose’s husband saw that it was a winner and he naturally assumed it was a fake, a practical joke being played on him by his buddy.

So, with this, he throws it in his backpack and thinks nothing more of it. His wife Rose was cleaning out the backpack when she discovered the ticket, saw it was a $1 million winner and brought it to him. But as it turns out, the winning scratch-off ticket was no practical joke, and the couple opted to accept the one time lump sum payment option that amounted to $561, 798 before taxes.

Play Online - UK49s 
U49's takes place twice daily every day. Six numbers plus a Bonus Number known as the "Booster" are drawn from balls marked 1-49.

2 – $500,000 Lottery Win Mistaken for $50

A Woodstock, Maryland couple who wishes to remain anonymous were out shopping one day when they noticed a lottery sign at a Kim’s Liquors store based in Randallstown, Maryland. The pair decided to go inside and purchased a Multi-Match ticket and a small stack of $5 Maryland Lottery Gold tickets. The woman scratched each ticket off in order that they were bought, and found two of the first three tickets were actually winners. After scratching off the fourth ticket, she was surprised to find out she won a cool $50, which she claims is the biggest winner she’s had in a while.

She went to the store clerk and asked to cash in the tickets for her. When the employee told her he was unable to cash in that fourth ticket win, she was confused and was told she had to go somewhere else. When she asked why, the clerk explained to her that he couldn’t cash that specific Gold ticket because it was a $50,000 top prize winner. The woman was stunned, dumbfounded, explaining that “I couldn’t believe it was real.” They lucky scratch-off winners say the $50,000 winnings will be used towards savings and a potential landscaping project in the future.

3 – An Empty Stomach Leads Man to $2 Million Lotto Win

Kevin Smith of Los Angeles, California, made his way to a local Burger King after he decided he didn’t feel like cooking and needed to get some food for him and his grandfather for dinner. On his way to the fast food restaurant, Smith decided to stop at a nearby Food 4 Less store to purchase a lottery ticket. The ticket he decided to purchase was Crossword Deluxe Scratchers ticket. Normally Smith claims to wait until he gets to home to scratch off his lotto tickets. But this time he decided to scratch the ticket off in the parking lot of the store.

As he scratched the ticket off, Smith thought to himself, “A lot of words are starting to pop up.” In the end he discovered a total of 10 words revealed on the Crossword Deluxe Scratchers ticket, which gave him the grand prize of $2 million. Jokingly, Smith states that, “I went to Burger King and I got crowned the King!” When he returned home Smith’s mother was in a state of shock.

4 – Woman’s Forgetfulness Leads to $190,000 Lottery Win

A woman based out of Wenatchee, Washington who wishes to remain anonymous normally uses a list of special dates and meaningful anniversaries related to her family as her standard numbers for her favorite lottery game, Hit 5. Typically, the woman claims to bring the list with her whenever she buys the tickets. But upon entering a Plaza Super Jet store in Wentachee, she suddenly realized she had forgotten her sacred set of numbers after forgetting the slip of paper they were printed on.

So, instead of the regular numbers, she decided to go with Quick Pick numbers. It’s a good thing she forget! The Quick Pick numbers netted her $190,000 in the November 4, 2017 Hit 5 drawing. The woman says she plans to put the money towards renovating her home and traveling to New York to witness her favorite musical, Jersey Boys, performed live on Broadway.

Play Online - Irish Lotto 
Choose 6 numbers from 1–47. You can also choose your numbers randomly by selecting our QuickPick (Quick+1) option

5 – Weak Bladder Leads to $50,000 Lottery Win

A man out of Bel Air, Maryland claims he had one too many cups of coffee on his way to work, which prompted him take a bathroom break at the nearest facility, which just so happened to be a Perry Hall BP station in Baltimore. While walking back to his car, the man decided to try his luck at the scratch-off ticket vending machine. The man claims to purchase lottery scratch-off tickets every once in a while, and that his most recently played favorite lotto game was the $2,000,000 Fortune game, where each ticket costs $30. Using the machine the man purchased two Fortune tickets, and was in complete shock when he found out the first ticket was a winner for the $50,000 prize.

“When the cashier confirmed the prize for me he gave me a high-five. It was a great moment,” the man said. After forgetting all about the second ticket, he was equally surprised to see he had won an additional $100. The man claims the two winning tickets will be used towards giving his three children a special Christmas, as well as for funding a family vacation next year.

Why Lotto 649 is the most famous lottery game in Canada!

Western Canada Lottery Corporation operates Canadian Lotto 649. It was initially played in 1982. From then, more than 290 lucky jackpot winners of Canadian Lotto 649 have emerged, who became winners of $1 million or more. These lucky winners were from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Territories. 

From The Web:
Lotto 649
Lotto 649 Ticket

Purchasing Tickets 

Some fabulous, jackpot prizes have been available, which broke records after being won in Canadian Lotto 649. For instance, the hugest prize in Canadian Lottery history was a Lotto 649 jackpot also. 

The drawing happened on 13 April 2013; this was for an entire $63.4 million. Four winning tickets were available. From these four, three were bought in British Columbia and the other one was bought in Alberta.

Lotto 649 Number Generator
Lotto 649 Number Generator

Play Canada Lotto today! 

In case you have not played Canada Lotto, you really should! Where jackpot prizes are concerned as well as the region’s luckiest wins, Alberta has truly done well, despite just having a population of 120. 

In 2005, one Peers player had the luck of being an $8.2 million winner. Another player won the lottery and shared the massive $22 million jackpot with an NWT winner in 2007 in October. 

In 1982, following the introduction of the Lotto 649 game, the draw was only held once each week on Saturday night. But, in 1985 September, the game rose to two times a week after the inclusion of a drawing on Wednesday night. 

Is it possible for you to Win Canada Lotto? 

The approximate winning odds you have for the jackpot prize for Canada Lotto 649 are 1 in 14 million. Tickets for night draws on Saturday or Wednesday can be bought until 7pm MT (8 pm CT) on the drawing date. 

$5 is the least prize a player is able to win with Lotto 649. A winner emerges when they are able to match two of the key digits as well as the Bonus digit on a single line. 

So as to become winner of Lotto 649 top prize, you shall require matching each of the six main digits. But, in case you are just one digit away from becoming a jackpot prize, remember to check the bonus digit. 

The bonus digit is not present on your lottery ticket. Rather, this is an extra digit that is drawn together with the six key digits. This offers you an additional opportunity to win. For example, wonderful prizes are awarded when five numbers are matched, from the main 6 as well as the bonus number. 

Therefore, in case you were unable to match each of the six winning digits, do not lose hope! The bonus digit may simply be your lucky digit! Tickets for Canadian Lotto 649 elapse 12 months from the drawing date. All money and other gratuity prizes that Canadian residents won in the Lotto 649 game are exempt from tax. 

A signature should be on your winning ticket; it can either legibly written or printed so that you can claim your winnings. If you are unable to visit your retail ticket outlet in the locality to purchase tickets, you need not worry. This is because you are now able to buy them online. 

According to Western Canada Lottery Corporation rules, you might prefer not to be identified if you become a winner of Lotto 649. Actually, you should concede to being photographed and a publication made of your name and the town or city you come from. 

Attractive Perks of Playing Lotto 649 

Where lottery winnings are concerned, Canadians are lucky! Winnings from a lottery in Canada such as Lotto 649 or Lotto Max are regarded as windfalls. 

Each winning from sweepstakes or lottery financed by a charitable corporation are mainly exempt from tax. Everything is included in the windfall category and is excluded from tax. 

It is not a requirement from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) for you to submit tax payment on the winnings. But, similar to other kinds of revenue you shall be eligible to tax on any cash your winnings produces. If you just deposit your fortune in the bank, the interest your cash generates will be taxed. 


If you make a major win from a casino in Canada, your winnings shall be given similar treatment as other lotteries and normally remain free from tax. 

But, in the last few years, CRA has started to analyze its rules for expert gamblers, categorizing ‘winnings’ as business revenue and can therefore be taxed similar to any other revenue from business. Also, this signifies that expert gamblers are able to claim business costs. 

For instance, if you are believed to be an expert poker player who is self-employed, using this concept, you could subtract all your travel costs, tournament expenses, etc., from any winnings. In case you do not make enough wins to cater for costs, you can claim a business loss. 

Contests from the workplace 

Winnings from your workplace are not free from tax at all times. Rewards of cash or near-cash awards like gift cards are nearly always thought of as taxable employment benefits. This signifies the award shall be regarded always as a section of your revenue. 

Your employer is going to subtract Canada Pension Plan, income tax and in some scenarios, even Employment Insurance premiums on this kind of award. Your T4 shall have the sum of taxable benefit itemized in box 40. 

Playing in Syndicates 

When you join a syndicate and play Lotto, this enhances your winning odds as you have extra National Lottery Tickets acting for you in the draw. The syndicates are created already, the tickets purchased and the prizes shared. 

This signifies that you just require buying the number of shares you want then relax and wait for announcement of the outcome. 

Advantages of online playing 

Playing online is convenient as queuing is not necessary at your nearby retailer. Safety is assured as verification is carried out in your player account. 

It is not possible for you to misplace or damage them. In case you win one prize or more, you will get an email notification and the details will be presented for checking in your player account. 


Purchase Canadian Lotto 649 tickets today. It is not necessary for you to relocate to the small village of Peers in Alberta, to become a jackpot winner, even though it seems like people who reside there have winning streak, in regard to winning tickets! 

Play USA Powerball Online From Anywhere in the World - Get Genuine Scanned Tickets for the Upcoming Lotto Jackpot

USA Powerball Online

Most people are aware of the fact that the USA Powerball lottery has some of the biggest jackpots in the world. It even holds the biggest record jackpot in history, which was $1.6 BILLION back in 2016. When the Powerball hit that kind of a jackpot people from all around the world were in a craze looking for a way to get their hands on tickets. A few people even went to the lengths of flying to the USA just to buy tickets. Tens of thousands of people from around the world bought their tickets online at online lottery websites and a few of them that were extremely lucky even won some 3rd tier prizes of $50,000.

When the powerball gets over $200 MILLION people from around the world start to get curious, they want to know how they can play Powerball online and media outlets around the world start to write articles about the legal issues of winning a jackpot when playing from abroad as a non-US-citizen. Well the question has been put to rest as it has been confirmed that even a non-US-citizen playing online can win the jackpot and take home the prize money without any major issues.

Websites Selling Scanned Powerball Tickets Online

There are a few dozen websites currently selling genuine Powerball tickets online, making it easy from anyone around the globe to play Powerball online from home - no matter where they live and without having to be a US citizen. Some of these websites are Lottosend, Thelotter, PlayHugeLottos and many more. When purchasing a Powerball ticket through these websites you will get the prize money in full payment if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot.

The Odds of Winning the US Powerball Lotto

Remember that whether you are playing online or buying a Powerball ticket in the USA the odds are extremely small of actually winning the jackpot. Hitting the jackpot has odds of 1 in 292,201,338 tickets. Most players that have one the jackpot in the past used the QUICK PICK method for picking their numbers and a few of them swear that they used a special strategy for picking their numbers but no matter what the strategy, the odds are still extremely small, about as much as the odds of being hit by lightning TWICE.

Games of Odds - You Have to be in it to WIN it

No matter the odds, if you want a grab at hitting these multi hundred million dollar jackpots (or even multi billion dollar) the Powerball lotto is the lottery game with the biggest jackpots in the world and buying tickets is the only chance you will ever have at winning such huge sums of money and getting hundreds of millions of dollars over-night.

Purchasing tickets online it simple and can be done here.


LOTTO WINNING or a better chance at Winning not only Australian Lotto but Lotto world wide is the whole reason for the Lotto Choice Picks Systems. In case you haven't read or seen any of our other articles, news stories, adverts, pages etc, we designed the Lotto Choice Picks System specifically for the Australian Gold Lotto which is Queensland's Lotto game.

Learn more here: How to Win the Lottery: 7 Tips to Boost Your Chances

Australian Gold Lotto was originally part of the Lotto Bloc as with the other states in Australia. But in 1981 Queensland's Lotto game now know as Gold Lotto the game became a national lottery. Compared to other lotteries you have to collect your winnings in the state you purchased the ticket in, if needed go to the local Gold Lotto agent to get a mail in claim form. The Gold Lotto playing grid is known as a 6/45 game, in which your number choice is from 1 to 45 up to 6 numbers in a standard game. 

You may have also noticed by some of our articles, news features and the like, that even before the Gold Lotto started Australia as we know it today, back in 1981 we have been fascinated by the records and statistics. We now base our theories, formulas and strategies on more than 2750 draw results of these lotto games. This wide range of historical data allows you to make the best possible choice picks for not only Australia Gold Lotto but any draws be it a 6/45 or Powerball style game on the dates. 

In the Gold Lotto games, which are drawn under Government supervision every Wednesday and Saturday on top of the standard 6 balls you also get an extra chance at winning through the use of 2 supplementary numbers. Division 1 is first prize which is usually the hardest prize to get and going right through to Division 5 which is last prize again which is usually the easiest therefore the least amount of prize money. 

In the same or similar ways, as most other forms of Lotto, the Lotto numbers that are drawn use a barrel, cage or ball. The method is actually a TRUE random number generation method compared to that of computer or Psuedo random number generation. Though the numbers are drawn at random often we see the numbers make, what appear as patterns. 

Thankfully in that area I have been tested and found to be gifted at seeing these patterns. The results of which I am able to now share with you after many THOUSANDS OF HOURS and YEARS of grueling tests. Now you to can have the better chance Lotto system working for you in the various world wide Lotto games. 

In Lotto as with any game of chance the key to success is play the system that has the best probability or odds of winning. Lotto Underground Club members using the Lotto Choice Picks Systems, made the smart choice to increase the probability or odds of winning. That is by playing the probabilities with lotto numbers that are more likely to come out using various Lotto choice picks systems and win more often. 

Win Lotto more often using the detailed software, newsletters and various other formats, useful lotto hints and tips from the Lotto Choice Picks System, We have included tools such as these all designed to help you win more when playing Lotto across the world and especially Gold Lotto in Australia. That is instead of it playing you for a chump. All the lotto hints and tips are laid out in simple to understand english so you can put them to work for you as soon as you want. Often without the need for a hard to figure out wheeling system. 

Now onwards for a better chance at lotto winnings with some of the secrets you can usually only get as an exclusive Lotto Underground Club member using the Lotto Choice Picks System. The secrets to which have been specifically designed for the Gold Lotto games in Australia, but has been tested and works world wide. Some of the winning tips on number selection are from the the Lotto Choice Picks Guide, our new lotto book of strategies. 

Are you trying to cash in on the Lotto SUPER AND MEGA DRAWS? 

Lotto Underground Club exclusive members have access to one of the following 3 levels of the Lotto Choice Picks System. PLUS other helpful Lottery tools to help you find your dreams faster. 

1. [Gold 52+] *Currently SOLD OUT* 
Access 52+ TOP Lotto winning Strategies 
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Access 57+ TOP Lotto winning Strategies 
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3.[Platinum] MASTERMINDS Group *ONLY 330* 
Access ALL TOP Lotto winning Strategies PLUS 
Price and dates TBA. 


NOW remember the Lotto Choice Picks Systems were not designed to win first prize. They were designed to increase our chances of winning PRIZES more OFTEN. NOW you to can get hold of the secrets to your dreams and desires. This one and only truly life changing experience of winning Lotto number generation for you. 

So what are you waiting for? RUSH to order or MISS THE BOAT... APPLY TO become one of the FEW exclusive Lotto Underground Club member for a better chance at lotto winnings using the Lotto Choice Picks Systems. We are waiting for you to be part of a Better Chance Lotto System.