THE STORY OF 100 percent Guaranteed Lotto System

Whether it be 100 percent or less effectiveness, no system works 100 percent of the time in nature or technology. And where the two merge, just as in nature, Random Chaos theory happens due to a little and very uncontrolable thing known as the Random Seed. 

This Random seed can turn function & order right on its head. Most people commonly know it as (The spanner in the works). It can take a system that works perfectly & make it only work some of the time and even then not necessarily at 100 percent functionality. This seems to be most noticeable with anything that applies picking or drawing from something and especially with cars. 

I am reminded of my days back on the farm. At one time, in my teen years, there was a very organised pack of wild dogs killing livestock on all the neighbours farms. The mother of the pack was a dingo and the father a once domestic dog, hence their cunning and lack of fear of humans. 

The particular time I am reminded of is when this pack decided one of our cows was lunch. They singled out my sisters most pregnant cow & systematically separated her from the herd & began tearing her down. Dad just happened to be on the tractor with the Carry All attached & headed to the paddock next to the herd to hand cast Alfalfa. 

In defense of the cow he threw rocks at the dogs, even got amongst them to kick & hit them off the cow. The chaos he caused to their systematic attack chased them off & he rolled the badly injured cow onto the now empty Carry All & got her to the safety of the yards near the house fro treatment & to heal. The dogs went off still hungry but now quite bruised. 

Theirs was not the only system that this random seed played topsy turvy with though. After the vet & Dad got the cow in a hammock sling it quickly became clear she would only let me treat her wounds without trying to brush me away. In the past I was the only one she would not let me touch her. 

So I was able to help her with my gift instinctual connection with animals & the use of medications in a systematic pattern of treatment to nurture her back to health. Once healed, she pretty well went back to her old self with one real difference, she still let me handle her as she know understood my life force. 

So you see the Random Seed can & is a good thing as it keeps us on our toes, even if it turns things upside down from time to time. 

Just like with the cow, the Random Seed plays mess around with most systems. We have designed our Lotto Choice Picks system to recover quickly. Working just as well as before the seed unsettled. And because of that it means exactly what our slogan says. Our system is the better chance lotto system.