Tracking Lotto Winning Numbers and Groups

In various Australian and other Lotteries you can increase your chance of winning by tracking and charting the Lotto Winning numbers and combinations. We found through our testing it is best to include both bonus or supplementary Lotto numbers. Remember for the best chance at the Winning Lotto numbers, tracking Lotto numbers is pretty much essential. Because in most cases, it is a key guide for picking many of the right Lotto numbers. 

As a member of the Lotto Underground it means you will get to use the Lotto choice Picks system you can uncover more on Tracking winning Lotto numbers. Because you can have a higher chance of a winning Lotto combination using the methods outlined in the Lotto choice Picks system. For your favourite games you get to use the Winning Lotto numbers trackers in the tools and or neat software. 

Below is a sample from our testing and statistics between Jan 20 1988 and May 4 2002. That is 14 and a bit years, of the data we tested covering 1491 draws. The draw sum total equalled 205,737 therefore giving a sum of draws average of 138. 

Below is an example of Winning Lotto numbers tracking charts. Enabling you to find not only patterns easier but perform comparissons, charting and tracking numbers across the world. * Charts and special Lotto tools, exclusively available to our members. 

In the first example the next Gold Lotto game you would play is 20-02-1988. We can see just from this chart you could get 3 numbers and a sup or Division five. From the winning numbers being 25, 42, 41, 27, 17, 10 sups 23,44. 

In the second example the next Gold Lotto game you would play is 02-03-1988. We can see just from this chart you could get 4 numbers or Division four. From the winning numbers being 17, 13, 34, 39, 38, 37, sups 9,10. 

The left set of columns is the results, the right is one of the tracking methods we have used since 1988. IF you used a wheel you would have possibly missed out. 

Subjects like new ways to find winning Lottery numbers are explored further with other serious Lottery players in the [Titanium] members group. The draw 20-02-1988 was really interesting in the fact that, when you add each number within itself you get 5,6,7,8,9,10