Australian Lotto

The lottery business was introduced to Australia for the first time in the early 1800s. Sydney was the first place where a privately owned lottery was at that point. Gradually, the lottery business spread out all over the nation, from Victoria to Tasmania, through New South Wales up to Queensland. The first lottery was the sweepstake; then lottery became popular, this eventually creates the avenue for other types of lottery such as Golden Casket Lottery, Tatts Lotto, the list goes on, to spring up.

OzLotteries Daily Lottery Draws

Ozlottery is one of the popular in lottery business in Australia. They have a broad variety of daily lotteries and draws runs on most days of the week. They have different types of lottery draws they run, which are: Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, ozlotto, Powerball, the pulls, The Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot, Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot.

Golden Casket Lottery

The Golden Casket Lottery is one of the largest lottery organization in the world. It was first held in Queensland in 1916, by in 1920 the ownership of the lottery was transferred to the Queensland’s Government. The popularity was great that within a year of operation it increased the Government’s budget by 2%. their first draw was initiated by the Queensland Patriotic Fund committee on entertainment, as a means of raising funds for veterans of the first world war. 

The prizes to be won usually exhibited in a jewelry box, hence the origin of the name golden casket. The Brisbane Festival Hall (now known as the Brisbane Stadium) was the venue of the first draw in June 1917.The Money realized was devoted to the charitable course. A lot of funds was raised within few years of operation, and such funds were used to finance the building of Anzac Cottages for war widows and their families, The Motherhood, Child Welfare and Hospital Fund, Queensland University, Red Cross, and much more right course. The lottery has a great history in the economy of Queensland.

History of the NSW Lottery

It became operative in 1930 during The Great Depression when the State Government uses the lottery as a means of tackling the hospital crisis that was rocking the government at that time. Unemployment was at an all-time high, the economy was faced with a great recession, but the religious devotees criticize lottery as being evil, degrading and against their faith. The government had no better option than the lotto. Lotteries Act was proclaimed In June of 1931, and hundreds of tickets were sold.

In November 1957, another ticket called the Opera House Lottery ticket was introduced. The proceed from tickets sales was used to build the iconic Sydney Opera House. 

History of Tatts Group

It dates back to 1881 when a young man named George Adams came to Australia from England at the tender age of 16. He was doing a lot of menial jobs; he also bet on horse racing, this he eventually developed into the company Tattersall. When the Tasmanian economy was falling in 1895, the Tasmanian Government make a move to get George Adams over to Hobart. The aim was to implement Tattersall’s Grand Lottery in their banking system. They implemented it, and it eventually leads to success. The Tatts Group now dominates all aspects of lotto in Australia till date. In 2005, tatts group became publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.