By now that little voice inside is probably screaming Why Bother! Right? Well why bother then? Because all is not lost. It may look that way, what with all the flaws & Random Seeds or worse still the Government decided to change the way it draws the Lotto. But even then all would not be lost. 

You see as I said before nothing is perfect. Some things are better than others sure. Even still nothing is 100 percent perfect, as even perfection is flawed. Just check out about diamonds and their flaws. Now you have to admit these little gems do the job so nicely, HEY. 

Now even though it has already been said, let us repeat. You won't have a chance to win IF YOUR NOT IN IT TO WIN IT, meaning if you don't enter. The better and more reliable the facts, figures, systems and other data for your particular game and the more you use it to its full potential, the better your chances. 

Now with that said, lets get back to why all is not lost. Just like you we make mistakes & when we do we own up. We don't even play lotto regularly, actually the only thing we play regularly is the TV each night. Yeah yeah I know that's called watching not playing , but the shows we watch are playing. 

Anyway, as I said we sometimes do all sorts of things wrong. We put saucepans in the microwave, milk in the cupboard and so on, thanfully we catch ourselves in time. We don't play regularly, sometimes we don't play our systems numbers or feel lazy and use a Quick or Astro pick instead. Quite often we don't play the best or most advantageous method for our numbers. But we can assure you one thing is almost guaranteed, when we do any of these wrong things instead of winning or winning bigger we miss out. Not always but mostly. 

Heck, there have been several occasions over the years our system has produced all the numbers in drawn in Gold Lotto including the Supps. We just either did not play those draws or only got a small winning as we played the numbers in a less beneficial way by using a condensed wheel to pick the combinations for the games played, thus not getting maximum play value. 

Some really good news is that though this system was originally designed specifically for Australian Lotto games, which are Oz lotto, Wednesday lotto & Saturday lotto. We have tested and found it to work with the lotto in other countries as well. We were not aiming for that quite yet, but that annoying yet sometimes magnificent Random Seed made it so!! NOW YOU KNOW why we had to go underground and the reason for the name Underground Lotto. 

Now because we don't like upsetting people especially the Government and this system has the kind of effectiveness to do just that we have only made it available to a limited number of people. We know those Internet and other marketers have done that scarcity thing to death, BUT. 

We believe because you have read at least some if not all of our information on the Lotto Choice Picks system, it means you can probably understand by now this system is as powerful as we stated. 

So if you haven't joined us what are you waiting for get your order in now. Oh and just a gentle reminder, as we monitor the system closely, please monitor your sharing method.