Winning Lotto Number Groups

Lotto Number groups fall into various categories. We define the main groups as classes. There are numerous examples of these at our used less page. The most commonly used groups across the world which may be used with different titles are. Decade class, odds, evens, multiples. These groups can have a high chance of giving you a winning Lotto combination. 

Some ways to use your various groups. You can cut up your lotto grid, the same for the Number Relations Standard or playing field. The Number Relations Standard that we devised from ANCIENT texts should be what you base your grouping strategies on. BECAUSE it is and was the first and only true best way of defining what is happening. Also it is the system for picking the original lotto numbers and even today governs what the numbers are across the world. 

In various Australian and other Lotteries you will usually have 1 lotto number class or group missing from the Winning Lotto number combination. This can include both bonus or supplementary Lotto numbers. Remember for the best chance at the Winning Lotto numbers try to spread your Lotto number picks right through the field. 

As a member of the Lotto Underground using the Lotto choice Picks system you can find out more about winning Lotto groups which can have a higher chance of giving you a winning Lotto combination, for your favourite games. AND get to use the Winning Lotto numbers GROUPS tracker in the software or tools. 


When you get hold of your membership to the Lotto Underground make sure one of the first things you do is print out your own copy of our Number Relations Standard. Try to get it laminated as quick as possible because you will find it VERY useful. Specially if print out a number of years lotto resuts to study and your power goes out. Now you can still find lotto patterns, combinations, repeat hits etc mark them with a whiteboard marker for that project. Make notes and or take a picture then erase it and start again.