Lotto Leveraging Winning Lotto Numbers

Are you a smart lotto player, do you do what those high flyers e.g. (Richard Branson, Conrad Hilton, Henry Ford etc) did or do? That is use the power of positive thinking and the power of Leverage. 

I know this may or may not be an obvious statement but. Pooling or Leverage of your resources for a better coverage of Lotto Numbers, can make you more money and save your hard earned cash. 

The following are some Lotto tactics or stategies to stretch your dollar further, for Lottery pooling. Such as consider forming or using a Lottery Syndicate for a better chance at lotto winning. Some Lottery Syndicates could be used by as little as a couple of people if need be and you have enough money. 


Pools or Syndicates for Lotto the smarter way. Never knowing which way the economy is going to go, often times it's obviously best for more chances to win that you form Pools or Syndicates for Lotto playing. Forming Pools or Syndicates lets you play a bigger system therefor more chance at winning more prize money. In Australia go to you can find the syndicate form. Download it print it out and get all the members of your Pools or Syndicates to fill out and sign. 


I know that title sounds a bit strange BUT... Here in the Lotto Underground Labs we have studied THE MASTER KEY the original texts. Yes the whole book, which The Secret appeared to be based on part of. It is basically about the energy and way we think, you know, the power of positive thought, goal manifestation etc. 

We can tell you from our experience that, if you are disciplined enough to fully read, let alone follow THE MASTER KEY to the letter you will need to be quite prepared for the results. 

The fact that the saying is true you can make your own luck, hence the saying the power of positive thinking. You can and probably do make it happen for you. Just think about it for a minute. How many times have you had De Ja Vu or been intensely thinking of someone or something and it has appeared or they have called you. Well this is THE MASTER KEY at work. AND that my friend is what you should be using every day to make your life easier. 

If your group or syndicate is all focused and pulling together for the one goal which is winning then you are more likely to succeed and win. 

Lotto Leverage for success in numbers 

The average probability or chance of you winning is about 1 in 8 million. So you must always remember that no matter what you do. You must always play those Lotto combinations or Lotto numbers with the best probabilities. In other words if you are playing with systems that win 80-90 percent of the time the probabilities are that you are going to lose 10-20 percent. As a result you are not usually losing. 


Let's say your system costs $10 a week per person for the 10 people or $400 a month to play, which is $4800 for the year. Being that you are a Lotto Underground member who plays lotto the smart way. The probabilities, odds or luck are in your favour, because. Your collecting Lotto winnings 80 out of every 100 games. 

NOW Let's say for the sake of ease, YOU have increased your ticket cost by only a tiny $2 or 25 percent. BUT, your personal average Lotto winnings is now $300 or 1200 percent increase in winnings, instead of just $25. In other words you could potentially be winning $120,000 or more over the year. That my friend is a true yet amazing feat of Lotto Leveraging. 

OK I know it sounds a bit hard to believe winning $120,000 or more over the year just by increasing your lotto ticket cost by $2. So what about if you NOW only played a third of the time or only won a third of what was in our example? Don't quit your job just yet ok. BUT that is... pretty close to your wage right? HEY who knew you could double your income with such little effort.