Low Lotto Numbers choice

LOW Lotto numbers 

In the Australian 6 from 45 Lotto we define LOW Lotto numbers as the LOW end or top half of the grid on your game sheet or field play. Generally ending at 22. 

In various Lotteries you usually have BOTH HIGH and LOW Lotto numbers spread pretty evenly through the game and the feild. Try as such to spread your Lotto number picks as close to this pattern as possible. 

You will sometimes notice a trend or Bias towards one or the other (HIGH or LOW). From this trend you can determine a potential for change so you can profit from the change. 

As a member of the Lotto Underground using the Lotto choice Picks system you can track your favourite games HIGH or LOW Lotto number trend, using the HIGH or LOW Lotto number tracker in the software or tools. 

Example: of a high biased game from Saturday Gold Lotto 19-12-2009 
2,3,5,7,9,23-26,41 (RARE) 

A high game will often flip to a low game and vice versa as with ODDS to EVENS from Saturday Gold Lotto 02-01-2010 
5,12,16,42,33,34-32,30 (RARE)