5 Bizarre Times Lottery Winners Found Out They Won the Lotto

1 – $1 Million Winning Ticket Found in Backpack

Rose Ibarra of Avalon, Texas was with her husband in Virginia while he was working on a construction project. Her husband was recently given a Hot Million scratch-off ticket by a friend. Upon scratching off the top layer of the ticket, Rose’s husband saw that it was a winner and he naturally assumed it was a fake, a practical joke being played on him by his buddy.

So, with this, he throws it in his backpack and thinks nothing more of it. His wife Rose was cleaning out the backpack when she discovered the ticket, saw it was a $1 million winner and brought it to him. But as it turns out, the winning scratch-off ticket was no practical joke, and the couple opted to accept the one time lump sum payment option that amounted to $561, 798 before taxes.

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2 – $500,000 Lottery Win Mistaken for $50

A Woodstock, Maryland couple who wishes to remain anonymous were out shopping one day when they noticed a lottery sign at a Kim’s Liquors store based in Randallstown, Maryland. The pair decided to go inside and purchased a Multi-Match ticket and a small stack of $5 Maryland Lottery Gold tickets. The woman scratched each ticket off in order that they were bought, and found two of the first three tickets were actually winners. After scratching off the fourth ticket, she was surprised to find out she won a cool $50, which she claims is the biggest winner she’s had in a while.

She went to the store clerk and asked to cash in the tickets for her. When the employee told her he was unable to cash in that fourth ticket win, she was confused and was told she had to go somewhere else. When she asked why, the clerk explained to her that he couldn’t cash that specific Gold ticket because it was a $50,000 top prize winner. The woman was stunned, dumbfounded, explaining that “I couldn’t believe it was real.” They lucky scratch-off winners say the $50,000 winnings will be used towards savings and a potential landscaping project in the future.

3 – An Empty Stomach Leads Man to $2 Million Lotto Win

Kevin Smith of Los Angeles, California, made his way to a local Burger King after he decided he didn’t feel like cooking and needed to get some food for him and his grandfather for dinner. On his way to the fast food restaurant, Smith decided to stop at a nearby Food 4 Less store to purchase a lottery ticket. The ticket he decided to purchase was Crossword Deluxe Scratchers ticket. Normally Smith claims to wait until he gets to home to scratch off his lotto tickets. But this time he decided to scratch the ticket off in the parking lot of the store.

As he scratched the ticket off, Smith thought to himself, “A lot of words are starting to pop up.” In the end he discovered a total of 10 words revealed on the Crossword Deluxe Scratchers ticket, which gave him the grand prize of $2 million. Jokingly, Smith states that, “I went to Burger King and I got crowned the King!” When he returned home Smith’s mother was in a state of shock.

4 – Woman’s Forgetfulness Leads to $190,000 Lottery Win

A woman based out of Wenatchee, Washington who wishes to remain anonymous normally uses a list of special dates and meaningful anniversaries related to her family as her standard numbers for her favorite lottery game, Hit 5. Typically, the woman claims to bring the list with her whenever she buys the tickets. But upon entering a Plaza Super Jet store in Wentachee, she suddenly realized she had forgotten her sacred set of numbers after forgetting the slip of paper they were printed on.

So, instead of the regular numbers, she decided to go with Quick Pick numbers. It’s a good thing she forget! The Quick Pick numbers netted her $190,000 in the November 4, 2017 Hit 5 drawing. The woman says she plans to put the money towards renovating her home and traveling to New York to witness her favorite musical, Jersey Boys, performed live on Broadway.

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5 – Weak Bladder Leads to $50,000 Lottery Win

A man out of Bel Air, Maryland claims he had one too many cups of coffee on his way to work, which prompted him take a bathroom break at the nearest facility, which just so happened to be a Perry Hall BP station in Baltimore. While walking back to his car, the man decided to try his luck at the scratch-off ticket vending machine. The man claims to purchase lottery scratch-off tickets every once in a while, and that his most recently played favorite lotto game was the $2,000,000 Fortune game, where each ticket costs $30. Using the machine the man purchased two Fortune tickets, and was in complete shock when he found out the first ticket was a winner for the $50,000 prize.

“When the cashier confirmed the prize for me he gave me a high-five. It was a great moment,” the man said. After forgetting all about the second ticket, he was equally surprised to see he had won an additional $100. The man claims the two winning tickets will be used towards giving his three children a special Christmas, as well as for funding a family vacation next year.