LU history part one

Remember, we said we recently discovered an excitingly interesting point to the system which was designed specifically for Australian Lotto. Well that is coming soon, because we first want you to know a bit more about us and our life as a couple. 


As with many familes around the round picking numbers and playing the various Lotteries was a fun past time. With our families it was the Australian Lotto. The picking numbers side soon became a bit of a hobby for each of us in our own ways. Tim realised he had a natural ability for seeing patterns, which was confirmed in independant testing in 2002. 

As the time passed more and more interesting patterns began to appear. Our abilities to spot these intriuging patterns, drove us to check the viability of potential winnings in the game play. This was fuelled by the fact since we got married and specially during the early years we needed to find an easier way to make money, because Jen had broken her neck. To survive she would have to relax for quite a bit or at least a little while until fully recovered. This also meant she could never really risk returning to the farm life she loves. 

Together our increased desire to build a better life out of ruins and the love for exploring the why and how of the Lotto came into play. This was the perfect opportunity for Tim to exercise his gift for making & working out systems, recipes and formulas. This led to often continual experiments,testing and monitoring of the results of the formulas. 

This then led Tim to to go back to revisit his previous passion of computers and software development. YOU see for Tim, developing software and formulas are just like when Tim makes the cookbooks and the recipes used in cooking that he does. That is how today you are able to benefit from some of the most basic yet highly effective software on the market for the Lotto and other areas. 

The ideas of other people perked our curiosity once again, this led to our testing various other theories specifically on the Australian Lotto System. Many if not most of these we dismissed as basis due to a variety of inconsistancies. Many of these strange but possibly valid ideas simply failed in the long haul. Even though we knew the most commonly drawn numbers were not a good base to work from we tested the theory & it failed as did many others. 

For the better part of our life together I've helped with reading the small print & more often then not filling forms due to Tim being Legally Blind. This reduced the eyestrain and migraines Tim suffered greatly. Also allowing him be able to work and live in light reduced rooms with dulled screens. 

Even though there is this eyesight factor, after an accidental leak, family, friends & associates found their fascination overrode their concerns for Tim's sight & started asking Tim to work out numbers for them as they lack the time. This was before the wide spread of the internet but after Teletext in Australia (that was last century). 

We still do the workings by hand & just use modern technology for posting, storing and collecting the data and results. Giving our system of the advantage of the ability to work even if there was an outage of either or both power and internet. And like on the odd occassion we use a computer program to perform some of the workings we still end up checking them by hand. 

Considering Tim did not like working with math in school as he did not understand it & I loved working number & data processing, it was Time who did the turn around through the result of his curiosity & built his math skills as a result. 

The Lotto Choice Picks Systems we have devised specifically for Australian Lotto to make our number pick has us using a minimum of 47 formula & get results regularly, that more often than not, when played pay. 

Due to our constant monitoring we find new things and either put them into the system or debunk them. Recently found an interesting point with the system that changed the way we looked at the Lotto world. (Hint Hint).