Is IceLotto Lottery Website Genuine?

Is the IceLotto lottery website legit or a scam? This question is a prevalent one among lottery players who are dealing with the site for the first time. Getting answers to these questions and other similar ones is crucial before commencing playing or submitting your private information for registration.

It is the reason you need a detailed IceLotto review such as this. 

Icelotto website

Information on IceLotto Website

The IceLotto website provides more than twelve of the most famous online lotto games in the world. According to IceLotto, it only provides lotteries that have the maximum pots and maximum odds of winning. Here, you can find each of the required data also like draw results, rules, draw dates and grand prize sizes.

Services provided by IceLotto are present 24/7 every day of the week. The information about the games is analyzed and regularly updated. Winners get an instant notification.

It goes without saying that before giving out private or bank account information, any online player wishes to be sure about whether the background of IceLotto is legit. Players also need to ensure that no complaints are present regarding IceLotto or scam mailing, as well as other connected malpractices.

So, is the IceLotto lottery site reliable? Research and positive feedbacks from clients indicate that no complaints and false notifications have been detected. The legit online status of IceLotto is supported by Norton Safe Web and Google Safe Browsing.

The IceLotto website was launched by a firm based in Britain, and you can get in touch by phone, online chat or Skype. If the chat operator is offline, you can submit a particular form to communicate.

How IceLotto Works

It is relatively simple for you to play at IceLotto website. To begin playing, just take the steps below:

1. Select your preferred lotto from the list provided, for instance, Powerball.
2. Fill in your private information and choose your lottery figures.
3. Indicate the payment option; after this, you can purchase Powerball tickets online.

A back-call feature is provided by IceLotto so that in case you experience any issues, you can submit a request. The support service will then get in touch with you. The selected lottery figures shall be present at ‘My Account’ page below the tab for ‘My products.’

The time for buying tickets at is limited. It is because it takes a particular period for the Lotto agents to purchase the tickets from the traders. You will obtain a copy of the ticket through an email sent by the agents. The copy will be present in your account.

IceLotto Syndicates

The website for IceLotto provides you with the option for syndicate game-play. When choosing your lottery figures, you can select the option for ‘Ticket’ or ‘Syndicate.’ 

If you want to join the lotto pool to play, you can purchase even 150 tickets. You can also make use of the feature for ‘Multi-Draw’ to purchase tickets for even 52 draws beforehand. It is present in the syndicate and single-player mode also.

Results of the draw

If you want to know the winning digits for each of the provided lotteries, press the button for ‘Results.’ If you only require one particular lottery, then aim for the button’s mouse cursor and select the lotto game provided by the pop-down menu.

Claiming Prizes at IceLotto

Can IceLotto be trusted with payments? IceLotto will credit secondary prizes to the account of the winner following the deduction of the relevant local taxes and bank fees.

When you win a significant prize, the site’s agent shall contact you directly to talk about the pertinent details. Agents from IceLotto shall examine the lottery tickets bought. They confirm that their players do not need to be concerned about this.

Special bonuses and offers presents a special program for VIP for regular players. To participate in this program, you first need to finalize the sign-up then begin purchasing tickets. A personal manager shall be assigned for each VIP player who shall also be given a special package for lottery tickets, raising the winning chances.

The information for VIP-points shall be accessible in your private account. For each € you spend, you shall get a credit of 1 VIP-point. Depending on your VIP score, you shall get 1 grade out of the 4 possible:

1. Bronze – 3% discount (400 to 899 points)
2. Silver level – 5% discount and 3% repayment (900 to 1999 points)
3. Golden level – 10% discount and 5% repayment (2000 to 3999 points)
4. Platinum level -12% discount and 10% repayment and 12% discount (score of 4000+)

When each player completes the registration, they obtain one lottery coupon without charge. It supports its positive image.

The objective of the IceLotto review is to assist online lottery enthusiasts in deciding whether IceLotto is genuine and what supports its legit standing. You also find out why IceLotto can be trusted as a lottery ticket agent. 

The IceLotto website registration procedure is simple. Each player obtains one lotto coupon for free following registration and has access to the multi-lingual interface. It also has the VIP loyalty program for players who use this site regularly. 

Players get a credit of 1 VIP for each € they spend. As their score increases so does their VIP status. In addition, they obtain higher discounts and repayments. Players can join a lottery syndicate here also and buy a maximum of 150 tickets for one draw or purchase tickets for even 52 draws beforehand by using the feature of ‘multi-draw.’

When you ask the support team for IceLotto a question, you obtain an answer instantly. Therefore, you get rapid responses from the site. In overall, the impressions given from clients feedbacks indicate that IceLotto is a reliable service.

Also, IceLotto is very famous in Russian-speaking states due to its loyalty program, multilingual interface and a free ticket provided for registration.


IceLotto’s website is intuitive and clean. You can locate anything you want immediately. At the website’s top is an iOS and Android app. These two apps are designed well, and you can use them efficiently. Wherever you are, you can remain updated with the newest occurrences in international jackpots.